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Underground Utility Services--Wade Hampton Fire & Sewer District

Wade Hampton Fire & Sewer District (WHFSD) needed a comprehensive analysis of their underground sewage system. They required a complete report detailing the location of their laterals and any defective areas within their lines. WHFSD needed an expert solution from a reliable industry provider who could manage the project from start to finish.

Industrial Cleaning: Allvac

Allvac requires industrial cleaning services throughout the year to help them meet their production goals. The production schedule can’t be interrupted while the debris and slag are cleaned from the system. Allvac needs a safe and efficient solution that is completed on-time and on-budget.

Timken Project

Various projects of cleanup and decontamination were required to complete an eight-month project with Timken. The scope of work and projects changed several times which required a quick and efficient response from HAZ~MAT. The final scope of work completed includes: cleanup of various production areas, decommissioning of the wastewater facility, cleanup and decon of the cyanide plating area, purging of industrial piping, and tank farm cleaning.

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