Client Problem

Wade Hampton Fire & Sewer District (WHFSD) needed a comprehensive analysis of their underground sewage system. They required a complete report detailing the location of their laterals and any defective areas within their lines. WHFSD needed an expert solution from a reliable industry provider who could manage the project from start to finish.


Haz-Mat Solution

HAZ~MAT„s Underground Camera Division provided us with a thorough solution in a timely manner. They promptly inspected and cleaned our entire system, then delivered a full report detailing our root obstructions, off-set joints, and mainline breaks. We used this information to complete point repairs, root treatments and rehab manholes within our sewer lines.


Customer Feedback

HAZ~MAT„s Underground Camera Division is a helpful and professional resource for WHFSD. They offer excellent communication and provide us with the paper copy, digital photos and videos we require. I would recommend HAZ~MAT„s Underground Camera Division to anyone needing underground sewer and utility services.

“I would recommend HAZ~MAT to anyone needing underground sewer and utility services.” -WHFSD

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