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When you’re experiencing an emergency, you need your HAZ~MAT team to respond immediately.

You want a team committed to bringing you reliable hazardous materials clean-up solutions during your most critical situations. And you need the peace of mind that comes from knowing the situation is under control, damages are minimized, and liability is reduced.

You need HAZ~MAT Emergency Response Service.

HAZ~MAT immediately goes to work when you call with a hazardous materials emergency, no matter what time of day. Emergency response services are available 24/7, and your HAZ~MAT professionals offer a quick response to your emergency needs.

When you call HAZ~MAT Environmental Services, your situation is immediately addressed by our emergency response teams. These teams, made up of experienced professionals, use an extensive fleet of specialized equipment and materials designed to handle all spill levels and types.

You can call HAZ~MAT for many types of emergencies:

  • 24-Hour Response Services
  • Internal Emergency Response Evaluation and Training
  • Over the Highway Spill Incidents
  • Drum Overpacking and Degassing
  • Project Management and Clean-up
  • Tank Truck Rollover
  • Spill Containment

When you depend on HAZ~MAT for your emergencies, you:

  • Reduce your emergency costs
  • Know that your emergency is handled safely and responsibly by industry professionals
  • Benefit from expert assistance in determining the best method for handling waste materials; HAZ~MAT recommends approved disposal sites, reducing your liability exposure.

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