Industrial Services

The task of industrial clean-up is often messy, time consuming and stressful, especially when you’re dealing with potentially hazardous materials.  That’s why HAZ~MAT offers you a turnkey solution for all your industrial service needs...more


Transportation Services

Containing hazardous materials is no small task, but with the right people and the right equipment, HAZ~MAT handles your project with ease.  With over 100-pieces of rolling equipment, HAZ~MAT’s expert professionals come to your site prepared to provide hazardous and non-hazardous waste collection and transportation services...more


Remediation Services

As a professional who is concerned about a job well done, you know the application of safe remediation efforts demands authoritative and knowledgeable oversight.  You know that chaos results when too many people get involved in attempting to resolve a time-sensitive and critical situation...more


Emergency Sevices

When you’re experiencing an emergency, you need your HAZ~MAT team to respond immediately...more


Proactive Emergency Planning

Planning for hazardous materials emergencies, of course, is the best way to avoid them or at least decrease their effects. If you want to be proactive in preparing for potential emergencies, HAZ~MAT wants to help...more


Underground Utility Services

While HAZ~MAT Environmental Services is renowned for expert waste management and disposal, our Underground Camera & Utility Services Division uses the latest technologies to bring you...more


Reclamation, Recycling & Waste Management

Few could dispute that as of late, the country is making a strong commitment to the “green” movement. Everywhere you go, from the coffee shop to the workplace, you see reminders to reduce waste and recycle...more


Going Green

HAZ~MAT Environmental Services has provided used oil collection and reclamation services since 1944, well before the “green” movement gained widespread popularity and interest...more


Distillation Equipment

HAZ~MAT’s internally designed and manufactured Flash Fractional Vacuum Distillation System produces highly concentrated (>99%) glycol or blended glycols (antifreeze) both of which meet ASTM...more



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