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Industrial services

HAZ~MAT Environmental Services, based in Charlotte, North Carolina, is expertly equipped with the necessary tools and professional experience to handle: hazardous materials…

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Transportation Services

The task of industrial clean-up is often messy, time consuming and stressful, especially when you’re dealing with potentially hazardous materials. That’s why HAZ~MAT offers you...

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Remediation Services

As a professional who is concerned about a job well done, you know the application of safe remediation efforts demands authoritative and knowledgeable oversight. You know...

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Recycling Services

Few could dispute that as of late, the country is making a strong commitment to the “green” movement. Everywhere you go, from the coffee shop to the workplace, you see....

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Distillation Equipment

HAZ~MAT’s internally designed and manufactured Flash Fractional Vacuum Distillation System produces highly concentrated (>99%) glycol or blended glycols (antifreeze) both of which meet ASTM...

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Haz-Mat Environmental Services

221 Dalton Ave., Charlotte, NC 28206
p: (704) 332-5600 f: (704) 375-7183
e: neil@hazmatnc.com

When you need quality industrial, environmental or remedial services, choose the company that offers exceptional service and comprehensive solutions; you won’t find a better environmental or industrial services company to handle your projects more responsibly, reliably or cost effectively than HAZ~MAT Environmental Services.

HAZ~MAT Environmental Services brings you:

  • Fast responses to your hazardous materials clean-up, transportation and emergency response requests
  • Efficient, top quality transportation service and clean-up
  • The ability to concentrate on your business instead of focusing on your hazmat situation
  • And the peace of mind that comes with knowing your project is being handled by experienced, expert professionals who know everything about hazardous materials management, transportation and clean-up

Once you try HAZ~MAT Environmental Services, an industry leader renowned for professional expertise and first class customer service, you’ll never again call another environmental services provider. HAZ~MAT Environmental Services is truly here for you.

Call 704-332-5600 any time of day, 24/7 for all your industrial, environmental, remediation and emergency needs.

The professionals at HAZ~MAT Environmental Services work with many clients in the Southeast U.S.

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