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QC COOL™ ANTIFREEZE / COOLANTS are premium quality and fully-formatted pre-mixed “Ready-to-Use” 50/50 blends. No need to add water. Available in Bulk, Totes, Drums or 1 gallon containers.

GREEN CONVENTIONAL is an IAT (Inorganic Additive Technology) formulated coolant designed for use in older gasoline automobiles and heavy duty diesel engines. This antifreeze meets ASTM D6210 and features a full charge of borate-based, nitrited heavy duty inhibitors to protect from liner pitting and corrosion. It is low in silicates and phosphate-free.

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YELLOW UNIVERSAL EXTENDED LIFE is a HOAT (Hybrid Organic Acid Technology) that can be used in virtually any vehicle. Formulated to exceed requirements of ASTM D6210, D3306, and TMC RP-329 to provide maximum protection against rust and corrosion in auto and truck cooling systems. This chemistry is compatible with Valvoline G-05, (Mercedes, Ford and Chrysler factory fill), Fleetguard ES Compleat and other HOAT coolants.

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RED HEAVY DUTY EXTENDED LIFE is an advanced OAT (Organic Acid Technology) “NAPS- Free” Extended Life Coolant Antifreeze that protects against damaging rust and corrosion. NAPS Free (a Nitrate/Nitrite, Amine, Phosphate, Silicate) chemistry ensures trouble free service and does not require Supplemental Coolant Additive (SCA). QC COOL RED Heavy Duty Extended Life is compatible for top-off and service with other modern OAT and nitrated organic acid technology (NOAT) formulations.

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CLEAR LIGHT DUTY is an advanced LD ELC / OAT (Organic Acid Technology) “NAPS Free” Light Duty Extended Life coolant meeting ASTM 3306 standards. This technology contains extended life corrosion inhibitors based on organic acids and provides maximum protection against damaging rust and corrosion in engine cooling systems. Suitable for use in late model passenger cars and light-duty trucks.

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