Serving the Southeast HAZ~MAT offers a comprehensive line of environmental and recycling services, including; industrial cleaning and demolition, emergency response, hazardous and non-hazardous transportation and disposal, recycling of waste oil, fuels, oil filters and glycols.

HAZ~MAT prides itself on our rolling equipment stock for all your environmental needs. Equipped with various types of equipment including CUSCO vacuum trucks, aluminum and stainless steel vacuum trailers, fully equipped road tractors, box trailers, roll-off trucks and boxes, underground line cleaning and camera equipment, grapple trucks and dump trailers to provide turnkey services.

Used ethylene glycol (EG)is recycled into high quality antifreeze products using our patent pending Flash Fractional Distillation System. Our recycled EG meets industry standards governed by ASTM for recycled and virgin engine coolants including ASTM D3306, D6210& E-1177-09.

Concentrated and Ready-to-Use Blends Available:

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YELLOW Organic Acid Technology (OAT)

Coolant Blend that provides multi-metal, especially aluminum protection against Rust and corrosion and is safe on hoses and gaskets. Ensures trouble-free service in newer automobiles and light-duty trucks and is compatible for top-off service with other modern antifreeze coolants.

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YELLOW Hybrid Organic Acid Technology (HOAT)

Can be used in virtually any vehicle. Is formulated to exceed requirements for ASTM D6210, D3306, and TMC RP-329 (EG) and provides maximum protection in auto and trucking cooling systems. Compatible with Valvoline G-05 (Mercedes, Ford and Chrysler factory fill), Fleetgaurd ES Compliant and other hybrid organic acid technology (HOAT) coolants.

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RED Heavy Duty Extended Life (OAT)

An advanced Organic Acid Technology antifreeze for heavy-duty diesel engines that protects against damaging rust and corrosion. Formulated with nitrite and molybdate to protect against liner pitting and cavitation. Is compatible for top-off and service with other modern OAT and nitrited organic acid technology (NOAT) formulations.

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GREEN Conventional Inorganic Additive Technology

Designed for use in older gasoline automobiles and heavy duty diesel engines. Meets ASTM D6210 features a full charge of borate-based, nitrited heavy duty inhibitors to protect from liner pitting and corrosion.

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