Recognizing a void in the market for advanced glycol distillation and purification equipment, HAZ~MAT designed and constructed a “flash vacuum fractional distillation system” for operation at headquarters in Charlotte, NC. This decision placed HAZ-MAT in the unique position of operating their own glycol distillation system daily, AND, possessing the ability and desire to manufacture additional Glycol Distillation systems. HAZ-MAT‘s Glycol Distillation Systems produce purified concentrated glycol to ASTM specifications (ASTM E-1177-9) from used glycol feedstock streams such as automotive (Ethylene Glycol) and aircraft deicing fluid (Propylene Glycol).

Used ethylene glycol (EG) is recycled into high-quality antifreeze products using our patent-pending Flash Fractional Distillation System.

Our recycled EG meets industry standards governed by ASTM for recycled and virgin engine coolants including ASTM D3306, D6210 & E-1177-09.

The benefits of Using Flash Fractional Vacuum Distillation

HAZ~MAT’s internally designed and manufactured Flash Fractional Vacuum Distillation System produces highly concentrated (>99%) glycol or blended glycols (antifreeze) both of which meet ASTM specifications.

A single column system provides simple “flash” vacuum distillation, most common for pre-mixed antifreeze blends.

Addition of a second column allows higher purity by utilizing a specifically designed packing material in the column that provides surface area for enhanced separation and rectification of vapor mixture. This allows rising glycol vapor to undergo a series of vaporization and condensation steps that enrich glycol vapor and condenses impurities.

The result is highly concentrated glycol (EG or PG) product (>96%) of high purity (>98%).

HAZ-MAT‘s Glycol Distillation Models

GDS-I “Flash Vacuum Distillation”, is comprised of a single column system that provides a binary, vacuum assisted, forced sprayed, flash distillation device capable of separating spent antifreeze (glycol and water) from higher boiling point wastewater components.

GDS-II “Flash Vacuum Fractional Distillation” is comprised of double vessels (Flash Vacuum and Fractional Distillation) in such a manner that the first vessel evaporates water and glycols to produce saturated vapor. The vapor than passes into the second vessel, where a stainless steel packing fractionates and purifies each vapor type. Vapors from each isolated liquid component are then condensed, separated and collected as pure liquid fractions.

The operation of each GDS system is fully automatic with control being supplied by Honeywell Control System. Display and control functions are provided by an HMI (control monitor/input screen. Remote Monitoring, Remote Control and Data Acquisition functions are enabled via a uniquely designed SCADA system of software and instrumentation.

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