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Client Problem

Various projects of cleanup and decontamination were required to complete an eight-month project with Timken. The scope of work and projects changed several times which required a quick and efficient response from HAZ~MAT. The final scope of work completed includes: cleanup of various production areas, decommissioning of the wastewater facility, cleanup and decon of the cyanide plating area, purging of industrial piping, and tank farm cleaning. 


Haz-Mat Solution

Timken required multiple projects completed simultaneously without interruption of their operations. HAZ~MAT assembled a core team to oversee the project as various crews would be required to perform this eight-month operation. This allowed one consistent group to manage every facet of the project and ensure the most proficient crew was put to work.


Customer Feedback

HAZ~MAT performed at an exceptional level to address each twist and turn with great professionalism. There were many additions and changes required to complete the required task. Their “team” attitude made it possible to coordinate all activities and ensure that work was completed simultaneously on all projects.

“HAZ~MAT performed at an exceptional level to address each twist and turn with great professionalism.” -Timken

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